Monday, September 13, 2021
1:00 PM
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Marketers have long needed to understand the behavioral differences between consumers shopping in-store and online. But it took a pandemic to intensify the additional need to understand shoppers who do both at the same time — sort of.

As online grocery shopping skyrocketed last year, the path to purchase gained a few more wrinkles related to home delivery, curbside and in-store pickup. That sent marketers scrambling to understand these new aspects of the shopper journey — an issue particularly important for brands that historically have relied heavily on in-store engagement.

In this fast-paced, informative presentation, Theresa Lyons, SVP-Strategic Planning for The Mars Agency, will examine the 9 “Moments of Impact” in the BOPIS and curbside shopping journey that give marketers critical opportunities to drive engagement with these new omnichannel shoppers.

1:35 PM

The path to purchase has more touch points than ever before, with more screens, more purchase checkout and pick-up options, and a shift in brand loyalty. In this session, GroundTruth will cover how the precision of location-based marketing can be applied across mobile, desktop, tablet, CTV and OTT to increase and measure store visits and sales. Learn from the experts on how to break through the Q4 clutter and drive results for your brand.

1:50 PM

Each year, millions of people visit Michaels Arts and Crafts, taking classes in their community classroom—but, until the brand started understanding their customers, valuable insights were walking off the store floor. Enter the Community Classroom Project, a partnership between Michaels and AnyRoad, which allows the retailer to manage experiential marketing programs and turn them into valuable data—and with the continuation of GDPR and the enhancement of CCPA, brands and marketers need to find new ways to compile data on customers and users. The best way? Gather it yourself. Jen and Daniel will share how data-driven experiences help build a complete customer profile while creating an enjoyable experience for the user, and how Michaels uses customer insights gathered before, during and after experiences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hear how Michaels used data-driven events and experiences to tap into their audiences.
  • Learn how brand experiences will add value in a post-GDPR world.
  • Understand what types of data points experiential marketing offers that are otherwise hard to discern.
2:25 PM
2:45 PM

Managing and growing a business today feels like the wild frontier. The Pandemic drove a rapid increase in digital commerce and gave rise to retailer media. As a result, the lines between traditional media, retailer media and trade promotion are more blurred than ever making it very difficult for a marketer to understand what works and doesn’t across each investment type. Gaining this understanding at the most granular level, while understanding the synergies between, will be the most important weaponry of 2021 and beyond. However, it will require establishing a single metric for success to compare each investment type, drive improved investment decisions, and for forecasting future success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how to measure at the micro level across all investment types to untangle learning and apply synergies.
  • Learn the importance of ROI for standardizing measurement.
  • Learn how to apply findings to enable budget accountability, drive higher profitability and forecast future success.
3:15 PM

Shopper marketing plays an important role in many brands’ digital advertising strategy. Connecting with consumers at point-of-sale drives performance. Increasingly, these connection points are digital. Unlike other digital marketing campaigns, however, shopper marketing campaigns are not always held to the same standards when it comes to quality. These campaigns are often executed independently, and managed by specialist teams and/or agencies. While this allows for nimbleness when it comes to optimization, it may leave the brand exposed to wasted media spend. Fraud, viewability and brand suitability – the hallmarks of authentic media – should be integral to your shopper marketing strategy, ensuring your brand’s reputation is well-protected, and that your ad dollars are not wasted on placements that will not ultimately drive return on ad spend.

In this session, DoubleVerify’s CCO, Julie Eddleman, will:

  • Demonstrate the importance of establishing quality media in shopper marketing campaigns
  • Highlight the steps advertisers should take to ensure their shopper marketing campaigns are protected
  • Discuss how quality sets the stage for maximizing the effectiveness of media spend and the ability to better reach and engage target audiences
3:30 PM

What does it take to have a top-notch insights team? Our panel of insights leaders will explore that question and discuss helpful technologies and frameworks. It will address innovations that help connect to – and capture the voice of – the shopper, even during the pandemic.

The panel will also discuss:

  • Strategies to distill and organize the vast amounts of data used to form insights
  • Formal and informal mentoring
  • How companies structure their insights team to win
4:15 PM