What People Really Want from Brands in This Post-Pandemic Moment
Date & Time
Tuesday, September 14, 2021, 2:35 PM - 3:05 PM
Sarah O'Grady

After over a year of massive life disruptions, people are starting to head out again to eat, shop, and gather. Certainly, that creates new opportunities for brands to connect with their audiences, but what are the rules of engagement in this post-pandemic era? What will grab attention and convert potential buyers as they engage the world once again? Sarah O’Grady addresses these questions with new, survey-based research from the Valassis, a Vericast Business, 2021 Consumer Intel Report. In this presentation, she will provide a glimpse into the anxiety, resilience, and hope built up over the last year and reflect the cautious optimism that most people have about the future. Expect to walk away with insights for to fuel your brand activation, including:

  • How consumer optimism should shape messaging
  • Implications for the in-store experience
  • The role of deals and special offers
  • And anticipated trends in consumer expectations